In order to deliver our best service, we’ve put together an easy 4 step checklist on “how to prepare your home for the carpet cleaners.”

(1) First, remove breakable items such as table lamps & pictures from the items you’d like us to move during the cleaning. Please also remove easily moveable items and clutter from the floor.

(2) Second, pre-vacuum all of the areas that are going to be cleaned during your visit. (Pre-vacuuming is part of our process as well, but having thoroughly pre-vacuumed the carpets just before we arrive helps our technicians by allowing them more time to focus on the actual steam cleaning.)

(3) Third, set the temperature to 71 degrees (2) two hours prior to arrival. (Warmer/Cooler depending on the outside temperature to reduce dry times by lowering the humidity level in your home.)

(4) Fourth, explore our website to learn more about our process and discover the other services you may need like tile & grout or wood floor cleaning. (If you give us a heads up, we’ll set enough time aside to perform both services at once.)

That’s it! Like a team of worker bees we will take care of the rest.

Thank you for choosing to shop with our small, family-owned business.


Simply give us a call at (214) 384-4554 for any additional questions or needs.