What do you do when a slew of tenant calls come blasting in at 2 a.m. in the morning? Do you quickly hop on google and search for the fastest or closest restoration business? Or, do you grab your go bag and hop on the earliest flight to Jamaica? 

In everyday conversations, we find that it’s all too common that our Property Managers simply do not have a dedicated emergency action plan. Or, worse even, something like the February Ice Storm happens and even if they had a plan, the company that was their “go-to” is now booked solid and they’re 350th in line to get an inspector onsite. Now what? 

Helix is here to help the Property Management industry by offering Master Service Agreements (otherwise known as MSA’s). 

A Master Service Agreement is a simple solution that provides you, the decision maker for the property ownership, in the best position to make a responsible an educated decision about how emergencies should be handled when, not if, they occur. By partnering with Helix, we’ve implemented a series of fail safes to ensure that when disaster strikes, our crews arrive quickly, they know the layout of your property along with all emergency shut-offs, and more importantly the equipment to take immediate action. With certain contracts, we’re even supplied with a key release agreement so you, the Property Manager, can literally manage your property from the comfort of your home or a cozy beach somewhere away from the chaos. You’ll be able to do all of this with the peace-of-mind that we’re here to serve your tenants needs with a preplanned set of protocols and procedures that you’re a part of. This way we’re all on the same page and you’re able to position yourself as the caring and involved Property Manager. 

How does Helix help Property Managers outside of the emergency response?

We utilize a unique software program that ensures our technicians document, communicate, and deliver the same experience to each of your tenants. Our 7-step mitigation process (link to the next article) ensures that Property Managers are protected from liability while also minimizing unnecessary costs. One of the biggest concerns we hear from our Property Management Groups is ensuring that the job-site is safe during and after our work. To ease this concern we utilize the OSHA guidelines outlined in the custom built Emergency Action Plan that we design for your business upon execution of the MSA. The next most common concern we hear from Property Management Clients is what content liability. We solve this by requiring each tenant sign a pre-approved liability release form that is included in our standard operating procedures. We immediately photo document the damage and visible property to ensure transparency for both the ownership, any adjuster that may be assigned to the claim, and for the tenants benefit of doubt. 

Helix Cleaning & Restoration improves your clients experience. 

By using technology such as automated texts for status updates and action items we need to communicate with your tenant, we simplify the process and allow tenants to simply text their various questions or needs. Of course, some of those questions are best answered by you, the Property Manager, and our staff is trained to take those questions and bundle them up in a nice email to be answered at your convenience. Further, our system involves an active job flow status update so any of our staff is able to answer simple status update questions on-demand.

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