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When it comes to professional tile & grout cleaning for your interior tiled surfaces; we have the right tools, right cleaning solutions and most importantly the right training. Trust the professionals, we utilize eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions to help break down dirt, allergens, oils and spills. We also offer protection services to ensure your home is life proof for when those accidents happen.

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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

We commonly deal with the effects of everyday wear and tear on our tiled surfaces. We can also become disheartened by a grimy shower tile or a dirty floor tile after a weekend cleaning. This can make us doubt our original choice in tile. It can make us question whether we should replace it with a tile that doesn’t wear or stain so easily. It might be difficult to understand, but your tile could actually be clean. Fact is, even small grout lines that have become discolored can make your beautiful tile appear dirty when it’s not.

These discolored grout lines can be the result of dirt and stains that have been embedded over time. This is why Helix Cleaning and Restoration uses our own special cleaning process to ensure that we get your tile and grout looking new – not because we want to change the appearance of your tile — but because we want to restore it back to what it was originally.

Once we’ve completed our cleaning processes, Helix technicians will instruct you on how often you should clean your kitchen or bathroom floors, countertops, shower walls, fireplaces, and other tiled surfaces. We’re happy to share this information with you for free! Helix technicians are educated about various types of tile available today as well as the best type of cleaner for your specific needs. You can rest assured that Helix Cleaning and Restoration tile cleaning technicians provide professional, high-quality work with every service we provide.

The Helix process is fast, effective, and suitable for all types of tile surfaces. Your Helix technician will be able to answer any questions you may have about the cleaning process or about your specific tiled surface needs. Our goal is to help you protect your investment by using our effective cleaning processes.

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We have built our reputation on exceptional customer service and satisfaction. You can trust us to make your home look its very best!




We're driven by the needs of our customers and we work passionately every day to meet those goals.



Our staff is committed to providing the best service possible and will do everything to ensure that you will have a 5-star experience.



Our dedicated team always seek to go above and beyond, so we can ensure our customers receive extraordinary service.



We strive to provide a consistently high-quality cleaning service. We want our customers to be satisfied but also to come back for more!

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Done Right

Your tiles might look dirty even though they’re clean! This is because tile floors can become dull and show signs of wear from regular use. If you want to keep them looking new, we recommend our professional tile and grout cleaning service for homeowners who have tiled surfaces in their homes or business spaces. Helix technicians can help keep tiles clean, making them last longer. We provide several services including carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, wood floor cleaning, and much more to help your whole house stay fresh & clean. Our cleaning and restoration tactics are designed to improve the look of your flooring while extending its life by years!

Grout is often overlooked and becomes dirty fast. Our team specializes in cleaning grout because we know that after just one day without maintenance it will start to smell bad enough for people do not to want to enter the bathroom or kitchen where this mess was created  We use specialized equipment which scrubs away all dirt from between tiles as well any other debris present before pressurized water removes all stuck on contaminants left behind, ensuring your space stays looking its best!

Helix’s tile & grout cleaning methods are the best in the Garland, TX area which is the reason for all of our 5-star reviews online. Our team will ensure that you are satisfied once we leave your property. If you are looking for top-notch tile & grout cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call us today or complete a form for a free tile & grout cleaning quote!

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I was able to get an appointment within a few days. I was notified of the time they were coming as well as getting reminders. The owner and technician came together and explained what they would be doing. Both very friendly and polite. The tech was here several hours. We are very impressed with how great our carpet looks!

Charleen H


I have worked with Helix on numerous water restoration projects. Spencer and the boys over at Helix are sharp as a tack! They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and communicate so well. Time is of the essence with restoration and Helix moves quickly! I'd highly recommend Helix for your restoration needs!

Nathan S


It’s been great watching Ryan build his professional cleaning business over the years. As it relates to my experience with cleaning, I’ve never had a cleaning professional spend the time to educate clients on the level that he does as well as the detail in which he performs his services. He truly does care about his craftsmanship and it shows 100%.

Spencer S


Ryan did an amazing job cleaning our kitchen tile and countertops!!! I feel so much better having my little one crawl around the floors knowing they are sanitized and clean. The whole experience was fantastic and he made sure there was great communication from start to finish! I could not recommend them more for their cleaning services.

Shelby K


Ryan was very professional, on time and less expensive than others. I like that you can get the delux cleaning without paying an arm and a leg!

Helen T


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